What's New in Caterpillar Electronic Technician

Version 2006A v1.0

Installation Program:

The program that performs the installation of the service tool has been upgraded. While the installation may appear different from previous releases, the functionality remains the same. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation.

Troubleshooting Guide:

The service tool now includes a Troubleshooting guide that details the most common service tool issues and the steps necessary to solve them. If you experience an error in the service tool, please check the Troubleshooting Guide for a potential solution. The Troubleshooting Guide is available by selecting the "Troubleshooting" option under the Help menu.

Select ECU Icon:

The service tool contains a new icon on the menu bar that facilitates communication to different ECUs on the connected data link.

Regional Options:

The service tool will now use the Decimal symbol defined in Windows Regional Options. Previously the service would ignore the Decimal symbol assignment and require the use of a period.

System Info:

Information about the service tool is available by selecting the "About Electronic Technician" option under the Help menu, and then by selecting the "System Info" button. This feature provides the same information as the CTRL-I command.

Diagnostic Code Descriptions Have Changed:

The names of many Diagnostic Code Descriptions have been changed to conform to industry standards.

PCL Editor:

The Parameter Control List Editor for the PL1000E communication module has been enhanced to provide support for J1939 data link to modbus communications and J1939 data link to web interface communications.

New Options in the File Menu:

The File | Open selection under the File menu now contains two new choices. The File | Open | Component Config File option allows the user to open a component configuration file, typically used in conjunction with Backhoe Loaders. The File | Open | Modifiable String Data File option allows the user to open modifiable string data files for use by the ECMP3 electrical power generator modules when disconnected from those modules.